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Vacancy – Experienced Oil engineer

We are a family run oil heating company looking for an honest experienced engineer on a full time employed basis. You will need the following attributes:• Reliable and trustworthy• Effective calm communicator with team, company and customers.• Fully understand oil...

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Will your oil tank leak be covered by your insurance?

Keeping your oil storage tank in tip top condition is a must priority to follow the environment rules and regulations. However, oil spills are still occurring all over the UK affecting over 3,000 individual cases. There are things you can do however to help to prevent...

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Where we can help in installing a new oil tank

If you are looking to purchase a new oil tank or looking to replace an existing one, you must firstly make sure that you are complying with the latest regulations, you can find these through Oftec or building regulations via the link below. When choosing the right...

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Carbon Monoxide – Your Safety

What is Carbon Monoxide? Carbon Monoxide is a gas that is produced when carbon based fuels are not burned properly, such as natural gases like oil, wood, coal, and liquefied petroleum. They can also include fossil fuel burning appliances such as stoves, boilers, open...

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Signs that your oil tank needs a service

Experts claim that on average, an oil tank can last up to fifteen years if it is well maintained and regularly checked. In order to keep your tank looking healthier for longer we highly recommend keeping on-top of your services to avoid any damage to the tank. We...

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