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Does my oil tank need replacing – check list

Does my oil tank need replacing – check list

Oil Tank Inspection is one of our services but there is a lot you can do to check your oil tank yourself before you call out the experts! However If you have any doubts just contact us.

Check the list below if any of the 9 points apply to your oil tank we recommend you arrange an inspection.


  • Signs of corrosion or degradation this includes: oil staining, rust, discolouration, cracks or crazing on the surface

  • Your oil tank is damaged,

  • There are signs of distortion or bulging.

  • Oil tank is overgrown with vegetation.

  • There are any changes in the oil tank’s supporting structure or base, like cracking or movement.

  • There are signs of oil staining on the tank, supports or surrounding ground.

  • Your content gauge is not working correctly.

  • Your tank is over 20yrs old.

  • Oil tank has not had annual inspection – contact us!

The Benefits of Plastic Oil Tanks

Suffolk Oil Solutions

We previously looked at the advantages of buying a steel oil tank – which are many, but we thought we should big up its plastic counterpart… So here it is… loads of great reasons for choosing a plastic oil tank.

✅They are Lightweight – This makes them more manoeuvrable, easier and less expensive to transport, install and move to a different location.

✅They are insulated – plastic is an insulated material and slows the transfer of heat and cold from the environment – this means the liquid you are storing is partially protected.

✅No Rusting – quite simply plastic does not rust like steel and won’t need painting. Rusting tanks can even twist, cave in and fall over – you don’t want that cleaning up bill!

✅Structurally Sound – plastic tanks are seamless so this limits the joint that can split. Even if it deforms it can regain shape. They won’t last forever but plastic tanks are a great option in terms of quality and practicality.

If you need any help or advice please ">contact us!

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The benefits of steel oil tanks

The benefits of steel oil tanks


Steel tanks are getting popular again and here’s why:

✅Steel is highly durable and long lasting
✅Steel tanks can be resilient to everything from hot summer sun to unpleasant weather
✅Steel tanks offer optimal security for your fuel as they are harder to drill into to syphon than plastic tanks
✅They are priced very competitively with plastic tanks, which can make them much better value for money
✅They can be painted any colour you want to hide them (or make them a feature!).
We can also get tanks manufactured to your exact size, specifications and colours – message us here for details.

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