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New Oil Boiler Installation by Suffolk Oil Solutions

Oil Boiler Installation

New oil boiler installation – choose either a like-for-like replacement or a complete new domestic system, including radiators etc. Once we have completed the installation, we will commission and provide the necessary paperwork.

We are approved engineers for major manufacturers including: Grant UK, Firebird and  Worcester boilers.

Our fully qualified Oftec engineers will examine your requirements and help you to select the most effective and efficient central heating boiler for your heating and hot water systems.

We will fit your replacement oil boiler and ensure that your existing heating system is modified to work with it. We ensure that your existing radiators and heating controls will work with the new heating installation. Replacing an old oil boiler with a new high efficiency condensing or combi boiler and upgrading your heating controls, will significantly reduce your home’s heating bills.

All of our new and replacement oil boilers come with a standard manufacturer’s guarantee which can be extended to offer you peace of mind.

The running costs of your old boiler could be as much as twice the cost of one of our new energy efficient boilers.

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Modern boilers are more efficient for several reasons, but their main advantage is that they are all condensing boilers. All well-maintained boiler (regularly serviced)s burn their fuel very efficiently, but they inevitably lose some heat in the hot gases that escape up the flue.
A condensing boiler has a larger heat exchanger, so it recovers more heat, sends cooler gases up the flue and is more efficient. Sometimes the flue gases get so cool that the water vapour in the gas condenses out (hence the name), and even more energy is recovered from the condensing vapour.

Full installation of your oil boiler including plumbing



“Needed a boiler changing in my house, had other plumbers around to discuss what I wanted and gave quote, wouldn’t work to my plan, expensive and tried to confuse me with regulations and technical jargon even though I said I don’t have a clue what they are talking about. Had Mark over, worked around all my plans, said things how it was, and he quoted much cheaper. Here on time, very clean and tidy and overall I’m very happy with work, will be my go to ‘oil man’.”

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