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Oil Tank Replacement and Inspections Services by Suffolk oil Solutions

Oil Tank Servicing and Replacement

Oil Tanks need servicing – an annual inspection is recommended. If you have an older, metal oil tank it probably needs replacing. Even if you check and paint your tank every year you won’t know if there’s a problem until its too late and it begins to leak. Condensation can cause steel oil tanks to corrode from the inside taking you completely by surprise. Sometimes even modern oil tanks are badly installed sitting on inadequately prepared bases and never maintained since installation leading to them needing re-installation or even replacement. Suffolk Oil Solutions are experienced at both oil tank replacement and installation – see our oil tank installation page. We can replace and install different types of tanks made of metal or plastic, including Fuel Stations. We work to achieve a minimum of disruption to yourselves – leaving everything in good working order and the area as clean and tidy as we found it. We adhere to the official guidelines for installation which are there to protect you the client and the environment. We have included a link to the OFTEC free downloadable consumer guide for oil storage here. This document covers all the rules on location of your oil tank. Please contact Suffolk Oil Solutions to arrange a service, a FREE no obligation quote or for advice about your tank. You can also buy oil tanks on-line from our sister company website if you are prepared to install a new oil tank yourself.
We recommend you have your tank inspected if any of the following apply:
  • Oil tank has not had annual inspection
  • Signs of corrosion or degradation this includes: oil staining, rust, discolouration, cracks or crazing on the surface
  • Your oil tank is damaged,
  • There are signs of distortion or bulging
  • Oil tank is overgrown with vegetation
  • There are any changes in the oil tank’s supporting structure or base
  • There are signs of oil staining on the tank, supports or surrounding ground.
  • Your content gauge is not working correctly
  • Your tank is over 20yrs old
If you are not sure about anything to do with your oil tank – Suffolk Oil Solutions are here to help you- contact us now!
Before and After Tank replacement by Suffolk oil solutions


Removed and disposed of old oil tank, laid base and fitted new tank.

“Did exactly what they had said in an amazingly short time, clean, tidy and with no disruption and then blocked off area so dog couldn’t get in and mess up new concrete. More than I had expected, can’t fault them.”

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