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We have come up with some quick tips to help keep your tank maintained during the summer season…

  • Visually check your tank regularly for rust, splits, cracks, a strong oil smell, uneven base etc.
  • Keep vegetation cut back and do not allow it to grow around your oil tank or pipework.
  • Be extra careful when digging in the garden as the oil line could be running underground.
  • Metal or steel tanks need annual painting, we recommend using something like Hammerite or metal paint to preserve their life.
  • Report any leaks or spills – You can find our details for this on the welcome page, just scroll down and you will find the details to contact us – call us immediately if you think your tank or oil line is leaking. Try to contain any oil to prevent it going into soil or watercourse.
  • Tank removal and safe disposal – We can assist with this you can find the details on the “” page

Battle of the sludge build up

During the summer months, humidity and condensation can build up within your tank therefore causing corrosion and damage to your tank.
When a tank is not filled up to the top (but still allowing for expansion space), condensation is created from  air within the top of the tank. This creates moisture which is an ideal environment for growth of bacteria. The bacteria then creates sludge which is one of the biggest reasons for failure of oil tanks. While condensation cannot be eliminated, it can be reduced by making sure that your oil storage tank is kept topped up.

Consider refilling before it is too late

In order to keep a well-maintained tank, we advise you to refill at the end of each heating season. Some may feel this is an unneeded necessity, however, there are perks to doing this such as:

  • SAVE MONEY ON OIl PRICES – You can save more money with purchasing off-season fuel. It is a known fact that oil prices tend to be the lowest during the warmer months. By ordering oil in advance, you can spend less to fill up your tank.
  • SAVE MONEY SPENT ON YOUR BOILER – By keeping your tank topped up, you could prevent running out and having to have an engineer bleed it through once you have had a new delivery. This could also save ££s on boiler breakdowns and repairs.
  • SAVE TIME – Order now to save on delivery time. The Winter rush would have slowed right down for a speedy delivery time.

Schedule your annual Tank maintenance

To keep your tank and filters in tip top condition, we advise you to book in your annual service. Contact us at
If you have any queries regarding the condition of your tank including cracks and splits, please contact us directly for any help and guidance and to book in for a maintenance check.

What else do we do?

  • Boiler servicing and breakdowns
  • Boiler installations
  • Emergency oil tank pump outs
  • Oil tank installation and replacement
  • Oil tank disposals
  • Oil tank Maintenance