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Keeping your oil storage tank in tip top condition is a must priority to follow the environment rules and regulations. However, oil spills are still occurring all over the UK affecting over 3,000 individual cases. There are things you can do however to help to prevent these incidents from happening, you must always make sure that your oil storage tank is installed correctly, and it is inspected regularly by OFTEC Technicians.

You must also make sure that any damages to the tank or faulty equipment is dealt with promptly by a professional and any spills are dealt with promptly, failure to do this could cost thousands if the leak gets into the watercourse and soil etc.

What steps to take next…Check your insurance: In most cases, when you check your home insurance, it will cover the costs for replacing any oil lost through a spillage. However, this will NOT cover the environmental investigation and clean-up for your land or if the surface or groundwater within has been polluted. You will also need to check your insurance for any eventuality that the spillage affects your neighbouring land, there could be restrictions within the policy as well.
We recommend that you check with your insurance company what they cover, and what they exclude or if there are any restrictions. Pollution and contamination incidents can sometimes be excluded completely but are more commonly included with a financial limit and cover restrictions, such as the damage being caused by a sudden and identifiable incident, rather than a gradual leak or as a result of wear and tear or lack of maintenance.

Where to go if you do have an oil leak….If you need help with an oil leak, or should you experience any issues with your oil storage tank, please contact us directly and we will be happy to help. Email or call 01440 820267.