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Essential Checks for your Oil Tank this Winter

Check your oil tank now!
“The Environment Agency is urging people to check their storage tanks for leaks to protect the environment and reduce the risk of potentially large financial losses.”
This is a real risk to both the environment and your pocket.
Some household insurances do not fully protect you in the event of an oil spillage, just 2 litres of oil can cause serious damage.
Suffolk Oil Solutions is dedicated to helping you with a combined oil tank and boiler service for domestic customers download the voucher now


Safety Check List

Here is a list of some visual checks you can do yourself:
1. Type of tank if you have an old metal tank it may well need replacing
2. All tanks – look for any signs of oil leakage
3. Is the tank distorted at all?
4. Are there any signs of corrosion or cracks?
5. Are there plants growing up under the outer skin of your tank
6. Has your oils consumption suddenly gone up more than you would expect for winter
7. Have you had your annual Oil Tank Service?

Suffolk Oil Solutions Annual Oil Tank Service

As recommended by Oftec, having your oil tank serviced annually is hugely beneficial to check the integrity of your tank and pre-empt any problems and therefore leakages. Some thatched or listed buildings require this for their buildings insurance too.
An annual tank service costs £90+VAT (download a discount voucher here) and includes:
Checking the tank, bund and exposed pipework for:
Any signs of obvious leakage
Signs of distortion or bulging
There are no large amounts of water, plants etc between the inner tank and outer bund
Signs of damage, corrosion or cracks
Visually check the contents gauge
Flush out any debris in the oil line
Water test the oil
Evaluate the surrounding area to the tank and report possible problems
Pressure test the oil line to the boiler
Provide a completed Oftec report for your records

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